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1st Pound Article translation
Kaminashi Kazuya and Kuroki Meisa
Interviwer - Well then first off please tell us the changes in your impressions of each other before and after you met
Kuroki - (for some reason takes a definate pause and looks at Kamenashi) I thought he'd be a person somewhat like this (haha).
Kamenashi - I thought Kuroki-san was a really beauriful person with a cold feeling to her. But she's not cool.....she's a whole new genre.
Kuroki - Isn't that just saying I'm a completely useless person?! (haha)
Kamenashi - No, no, not that. I'm saying you produce a stange funniness. Such a pretty face saying things like "Watcha' do that for"*, but I think you bring out the laughs.
Kuroki - Not that I say that (haha). If I did say it, everyone would back away from me right? Speaking from experiences up until now, I am a very shy person and even at the site I can't really speak.
Kamenashi - That's not true. You speak to us.
Kuroki - That's because Kamenashi-san is cheerful and easy to talk to.
Kamenashi - Probably, you try to talk at the site. Because you hate "........" atmospheres right?
Kuroki - That's right! I also sometimes don't like doing the scenes but want to somehow doit but can't by myself. However Kamenashi-san somehow gets me to do it so I'd like to thank him for that.
Kamenashi - After all the site needs to be fun. Anyway I think as long as I talk the mood at the site will brighten, so not becoming an annoyance for everone I talk to some extent. Though I may get in the way of some of the staff's work a bit (haha).
Interviewer - The interaction between you two has become the highlight of the drama
Kuroki - During the drama, Kamenashi-san is very amusing!
Kamenashi - I can't help it! Because it's that kind of character (haha).
Kuroki - I put up with it as best I can (haha).
Kamenashi - Because I do it so messily right? From here on I intend to bring more and more interesting parts out of myself.
Interviewer - At this point, the storyline that Angela is being attacked, so to speak, by a love pattern. How would you like this kind of love?
Kamenashi - Absolutly impossible! (haha) Because in this storyline, even after I've said "goodbye" to Angela, I am soon calling "Sister!" and chasing after her again (haha). I don't have that kind of courage. Like with this storyline as long as she's there it's happiness.
Kuroki - Me too, If I was chased this much I'd probably back away.
Kamenashi - But aren't girls quite weak against getting "pushed"? I get the feeling they would think things like "I might come to like him."
Kuroki - I think there are times like that, but like this storyline......
Kamenashi - Eh, I would be completely refused!? (haha)
Kuroki - Thats not true. The female staff say "A guy like in the storyline is cute". Kamenashi-san is cool. The boxer look is also great.
Kamenashi - What a relief. Because KAT-TUN can see me like this (haha).
Kuroki - By the way, I want to try boxing. So I want to have a show down with Kamenashi-san. I'll do my best so please be good to me! (haha)
Kamenashi - Eh!! Then somewhere, certainly...........seriously!? (haha)
Translator's Notes
- *I translated this part as "Watcha' do that for" but the main point is how really really casually she said it
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